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Political linguistics

Submission process

The editorial board of Political Linguistics accepts articles in the fields covered by the journal.

The articles are accepted regularly all through the year and are scheduled for publication in order of arrival of manuscripts. Materials for the sections “Discussions”, “Foreign experience” and “Reviews and Events” may be published out of turn.

Articles are written in Russian, English, German, French, or Spanish, submissions in other languages may be accepted on consultation with the editorial board.  The articles are published in Russian. The articles are translated by the journal staff at the expense of the editorial board.

The articles are included in the current issue for publication only on condition of the following:

  1. the materials fully conform to the formatting requirements;
  2. the materials include all the necessary documents, namely:

    text of the article;

    information about the author(s) – full family name, first name and patronymic, affiliation to organization, postal address for publication in the journal, postal address for shipping the journal. 

    certificate from the Post-graduate Department (if the author is a post-graduate student).

One article of a single author may be published in each issue of the journal. Two articles may be accepted in the case of co-authorship.

All submitted articles are tested by the “Antiplagiat” system. The threshold of originality should not be less than 70%. If the article doesn’t meet this requirement the notification is sent to the author for the text to be adjusted to this demand.

Then the materials are forwarded for a review. The review is approved by the science issuing editor. The scanned review is sent to the author by e-mail.

There may be three review outcomes:
1) the article is recommended for publication “as is”;
2) the article is accepted pending revisions;
3) the article is rejected.

If the article is rejected and the author doesn’t agree with the decision of the editor he can apply to the editorial board for a second review by a different expert (the article in this case is scheduled for publication in the next issue of the journal).
If the article is accepted pending revisions the author is given 7 days for adjusting the issues that need improvement.  Once these issues are adjusted for, the manuscript will receive another review prior to publication.  
In case the author does not submit the adjusted copy of the article to the editorial board after 7 days the manuscript is scheduled for publication in the next issue of the journal.

After the discussion of the results of the review with the author the materials are put to the consideration of the editorial board which takes the final decision about the publication of the manuscript in the current issue of the journal.

After the materials have been accepted the question of payment for publication is settled.

Publication for post-graduate students of all forms of education is free of charge. The post-graduate student should provide the scanned copy of the certificate from the post-graduate department.

All other authors are to pay 9000 rubles for a single publication regardless of number of pages and co-authors.  

Payment shall be made in accordance with the agreement which is sent to the author after his or her article has been accepted for publication.  

The agreement may be concluded both with the author (individual) and the institution (legal entity).

Then the manuscript is forwarded to the technical editor for proof-reading and formatting. On this stage the technical editor may ask the author to provide additional information specifying some points.

A month after the issue has been passed for printing each author is e-mailed a PDF version of the journal and sent an author’s copy of the issue.

Shipping of additional printed copies of the journal shall be paid for separately:  
1000 rubles a copy, 250 rubles each additional copy.  

The PDF version of the journal is to be found on its official site ( or on the site of the Scientific E-library (

Detailed information about the journal and the members of the editorial board may be found at