Philological Class

Editorial principles of the journal «Philological class»

«Philological class» is a periodical edition where the academic articles, reviews and other materials are published. It is committed to explore the issues of bringing together academic science with the real practice of school education and the formation of a uniform system of secondary education. One of the journal purposes is to support the database development of the Science and Higher Education in Russia and to cooperate with gifted Russian and foreign scientists. 

The Journal «Philological class» follows the principles of:

  1.  Accessibility of information. The journal is an open platform for scientific discussions aiming to improve the quality of philological and pedagogical researches, as well as the efficiency of the scientific papers examination.
  2. Social importance of the articles. The Journal publishes articles, which represent socially important scientific information and contribute to advancement of innovative ideas in school and university education. It also aims to engage young scientists in professional community.
  3. The diversity of topics and pluralism of opinions. The journal covers the problems of philological education and supports the variety of topics, professional positions and opinions.  All the sides involved have equal rights to express their view.
  4. Independent expertise of the materials. The editorial board of the journal provides high quality and independent expertise of the submitted articles.
  5. Objectivity andequity.  Personal views of the editors or the experts do not have any influence on journal materials. If there are different opinions on the problem, all views should be expressed.
  6. Responsibility to the readers. The editorial board of the Journal bears full responsibility to the audience for the content of the published materials and for communication with the authors of the articles.