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Pedagogical education

Article formatting requirements


All papers have to be written in DOC/DOCX format using Microsoft Office Word for Windows meeting the following requirements:

  • papers have to be minimum 8 and maximum 12 pages long (about 20,000 characters with spaces);
  • page size – A-4;
  • font - Times New Roman (if rare fonts are used the author is requested to attach the font file);
  • font size - 14 pt;
  • line spacing - 1,5.

References to the literature are given in the body of the text in round brackets. For example: «Text of quotation...» [5, с. 56—57]. The literature is listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript and is formatted according to ГОСТ 7.0.5.-2008. Download the example of a list of literature.

Separate files should be created for pictures (black-and-white, no halftones): in vector formats - AI, CDR, WMF, EMF; in raster formats - TIFF, JPG with the resolution not less than 300 dpi in true size; for diagrams from the programs MS Excel, MS Visio and so on. They are to be submitted together with the original file, containing the data. If a picture in a raster format contains text data (a scheme from MS Word is converted into TIFF or JPG file) an additional file in MS Word should be attached to make it possible to edit the text included into the picture.

To be published the article should meet the requirements of the Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ), that is in addition to the basic text it should contain the following information in Russian and English.

1. Information about the author (if there are several authors, all authors are to be mentioned):

  • full family name, first name and patronymic;
  • scientific degree, rank and appointment;
  • affiliation to organization;
  • contact information (e-mail, postal address for shipping and publication in the journal with the index).

Note 1: the name should be given in the transcription used in other publications of the author.

Note 2: It is preferable to use your work address as the address for publication.

2. Title of the article

3. Abstract (of 250-350 characters with spaces)

4. Key words (5-7 words)

5. Classification code of the topical section - GRNTI code (the code could be found on the site of and VAK code (VAK code is to be found in the Section of "Номенклатура специальностей научных работников"